Vampire Ghost Cabinet

Vampire Ghost Cabinet

Vampire Ghost Cabinet

A reimagined version of the Astro Ball Cabinet, by Darren Heppel.

Are Vampires real? Can they die? It is said that a vampire can only be killed by driving a wooden stake through its heart. It is also said that if that stake is removed the Vampire will reclaim its life. 

(The front door of a rustic antique cabinet is opened revealing a human sized heart and a glass.)

Here we have the heart of a Vampire. (As I was told from the man, I obtained it from) Once removed from the body it is harmless but none the less immortal. It has been kept in this box for more than 100 years. But the only way to know if it is truly the heart of a Vampire is to see if it has a lust for blood.

(a glass is removed from the cabinet. The magician then pricks the end of his thumb and adds a few drops of blood. The glass is replaced in the cabinet next to the heart)

If this is a true heart of a Vampire it will find its way to its most desired thing, The blood it so desires. Even the smallest amount of ambient light can weaken it so it must be in total darkness.

(The front of the cabinet is closed and moved forward on the table)

It is said that when Vlad the Impaler made his deal with the underworld for immortality that his lust for blood became insatiable, and that the life-giving fluid was the thing that gave him is supernatural abilities. His greatest ability was defying gravity and to transport at will. 

(as this last statement is said the front and back doors of the cabinet are opened to show that in the cover of darkness the heart of the vampire had transported its self to the glass containing the few drops of blood)

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